Modify a building model in TRNSYS3D

Have you ever had a case where you wanted to modify the shape of a building after setting the calculation conditions in TRNBuild?

You may have simply made a mistake in the dimensions or want to change the shape due to a design change, right?

Using the export function of TRNBuild, you can export to IDF and re-edit it in TRNSYS3D. You can keep the calculation conditions you have set and exchange files.

The export and import functions allow the exchange of data between TRNBuild and TRNSYS3D.

Exporting from TRNBuild

After opening the Bui file (.b18) in TRNBuild, select [File]-[Export TRNSYS3d file…] from the menu.

  1. Specify the name of the file to be exported.
  2. Click the “Export” button.
Specify the export file name.

Now the IDF file will be exported, open the IDF in TRNSYS3D/SketchUp by selecting [Plugins]-[Trnsys3d]-[Open…] and edit it.

In TRNSYS3D, you can modify the shape, add new Zones, and do other editing.

After all the modifications are done, select [Plug-in]-[Trnsys3d]-[Save] or [Save As…] to save the file in IDF format.

Save the file with [Plug-in]-[Trnsys3d]-[Save]

Importing the IDF file into TRNBuild

Go back to TRNBuild and select the [File]-[Import TRNSYS3d file…] from the menu.

Select [File]-[Import TRNSYS3d file…]
  1. Select the IDF file to import.
  2. Select Northern hemisphere or Southern hemisphere.
  3. Click the “Import” button.
Select and import an IDF file.

If you changed the name of the bui file (*.b18) in the IDF file exchange, please do not forget to change the name of the file referenced by Simulation Studio.
Don’t forget to perform “Update building variable list” as well.

Test Environment

It has been confirmed that the software works in the following environments.

Windows10 Pro(64bit, 1803)


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