Creating a Door in TRNSYS3D

In the TRNSYS multi-zone model (Type 56/TRNBuild), both walls and doors are treated as surfaces. Walls and doors are treated as surfaces with different construction types.

In the case of considering the insulation performance of the door, the door is modeled the same way as a normal wall and is assigned a different material from the wall.

Modeling in TRNSYS3D

The guidelines are already drawn. Create a door with a width of 1 m and a height of 2.5 m in this position.

Create a door following the guidelines.

Select the Line tool and draw a line along the frame of the door.

Geez! The window would be created as shown in the figure below.

A window is created.

This is because TRNSYS3D automatically recognizes the shape enclosed inside the wall as a “window”.

To create a door inside a wall, you need to be creative.

How to make a good door

If you want to create a door, divide the wall into sections so that the door’s shape does not become enclosed with the wall, as shown below.

  1. First, draw a line to cut the wall (this will divide the wall into two parts)
  2. Next, start drawing from the top edge of the door.
  3. Finally draw the vertical frame of the door (this will create the door)

Below are screenshots of the work in progress.

Split the wall vertically.
Dividing the top edge of the door and the vertical frame.
The door is done!

Creating a construction type for the door

Create a new Construction Type for the door and assign it to the door.

  1. From the menu, choose [Extensions] or [Plugins]-[Trnsys3d]-[New Construction].
  2. Next, enter the name of the new Construction Type, in this case EXT_DOOR, and click the OK button

That’s all, a new Construction Type has been created.

Material configurations for new construction types are created by default.
Please set the appropriate material after importing to TRNBuild.

Then assign the newly created construction type to the door.

  1. Selecting the door
  2. Display the Object Info dialog, and in the Construction item, select the EXT_DOOR

Finally, save the file with the .idf extension and the modeling is done.

Importing IDF to TRNBuild

Import the IDF file into TRNBuild to check the door shape.

The figure below shows the model in trnViewBUI. You can see the shape of the door.

It is tempting to delete the dividing line of the wall.

It is tempting to delete the line where the arrow points (the dividing line of the wall), but do not delete it. If you delete it, it will be recognized as a window, as mentioned above.

Do not delete the dividing line.


The key points of how to create a door are as follows.

  1. Creating a door that is encompassed inside the wall and is recognized as a “window.
  2. Dividing the wall to create a door.
  3. Create a Construction Type for the door in TRNSYS3D and then configure it in TRNBuild

Test Environment

It has been confirmed that the software works in the following environments.

Windows10 Pro(64bit, 20H2)


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