High Resolution Display Settings for TRNSYS Users

The Simulation Studio icons and menus are terribly small on my new PC.

Toolbar icons and menus are painfully small. In this case, you should adjust the DPI setting.

Hight DPI Settings

This is an example of setting up Windows 10 (1803). You could do the same setting if you have Windows 10 Creator’s Update (1703) or later.

Adjust the DPI of the Simulation Studio execution image.

  1. In the Explorer, select the folder where the Simulation Studio execution image is stored.(C:\TRNSYS18\Studio\Exe)
  2. Select the Simulation Studio execution image (Studio.exe), right-click and select Properties.
  3. In the window that appears, select the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Click the “Change High DPI settings” button.

Check the “Override high DPI scale behavior“, select “System” from the drop-down list and click the OK button.

Note: In the picture below, ‘System (extended)’ is selected, please select “System” instead.

Studio Properties

This setting adjusts the text in the Simulation Studio icons and menus.

The Simulation Studio icon and menu appear larger.

By the way, this setting is the same for other applications, not just Simulation Studio.


This setting is also useful in the case that the chart of the Schedule type of TRNBuild is not displayed correctly.

“Select “C:\TRNSYS18\Building\TRNBuild.exe” and set it up the same way.

Test Environment

It has been confirmed that the software works in the following environments.

Windows10 Pro(64bit, 1803)


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