Type 169 built for python 3.8(3.8.3) 64bit

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  • 投稿日 2020年7月8日
  • 最終更新日時 2021年4月9日


  • Dear Yuichi,
    I have a problem getting a simulation to run using Type169.dll for Python 3.8 with Trnsys 18 (64-bit).
    I have followed the installation steps you have described previously in your posts and everything went smooth. However, when I try to run a simulation nothing happens except that simulation log window opens, but there are no errors, warnings or any results generated.
    Do you have any idea about the cause of this problem.
    Thank you very much.

  • Dear Georgi,

    Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea.
    I think it is probably due to the Python configuration or version.



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